Facials & Skin Care


Facials and Skin Care

At Rejuvenologist™ we have signature treatment programs specified to the unique physical, mental and emotional requirements of each guest, aided by the Hinoki Wood (Japanese cypress), highest-quality organic massage oils and fine aromas. Prior to your treatment, you are entitled to a welcome tea. Please advise our staff upfront of any special physical conditions such as medical difficulties.


Relaxation Massage

Hinoki Wood Therapy

( Relaxation & Body Making )

Our signature massage, a full-body massage using pure Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress) strengthens your health and longevity, flows of energy in your body and your immune system and loosens and relaxes your stiffened muscles in the deeper layers of the body.

Signature Treatment

$ 100


Lymphatic Dainage

( Relaxation )

A full-body massage with highest-quality organic massage oils and fine aromas allows your body to enter a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode­ and triggers a host of brain chemistry responses that can result in lasting feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.

Signature Treatment

$ 100



Anti-Cellulite & Fat Massage

Cellulite & Fat Therapy

( Body Slimming )

Anti–Cellulite and Anti-Fat massage reduce and eliminate cellulite and bring the skin to healthy state. It improves blood and lymph circulation and helps fill tissues with purifying oxygen.

$ 100



Detox Massage

Deep Detox

Our Deep Detox Massage focuses on the body’s muscle tissues, lymphatic system, and mental stimulation. It help strengthen and relax your muscles; alternating pressures on muscles help to strengthen, stimulate, and ultimately release tension and toxins that have built up.

$ 90