About Us

Our mission is to provide the most affordable, accessible and result-oriented facial & body rejuvenological experience to make you feel self-confident every single day.

We are Rejuvenologist™

Rejuvenologist™ is a personal beauty care specialist that focusing on rejuvenating your skin and slimming your body from the inside out.


Founder & CEO
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Esthetician

Sarah Pike

Licensed Massage Therapist

Anna Williams

Licensed Esthetician

Elly Spitch

Personal Trainer

Core Values

Customer Focus

We are committed to providing the best service 'Omotenashi' in Japanese, a customer-centric service without expecting anything in return.


We dedicate to provide a safe environment where both our customers and employees can feel safe and respected.


We do what we say. We hold ourselves and each other responsible for the promises we make.


We stay consistent and honest with our stakeholders, mission, and values as who we are.


We deliver the best quality that we stand behind, which ensures customer satisfaction and our growth.